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Recovery Nutrient
Recovery Nutrient
Recovery Nutrient

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Full Spectrum Antioxidant Formula Plus Glucosamine

During our research efforts, one of the biggest nutritional gaps we discovered was the virtual lack of a scientifically effective restorative agent. When we turned our attention to the medical studies what we found out was that in clinical settings there were several nutrient agents that were proven effective for injury rehabilitation and recovery after stressful training.

ProPower's Recovery Nutrient offers for the first time a product with extensively researched ingredients for the purpose of nutritional support during injury rehabilitation and for recovery during periods of strenuous physical training.

Your muscles' strength building process and their recovery needs presents a catch 22 situation. Resistance training and strenuous athletic training stimulates muscle growth. This rate of muscle growth and strength increase, however, can develop quicker than the corresponding connective tissue. This is one theory used to explain why athletes experience so many connective tissue injuries, especially in the pre-season training period. Their muscle strength overpowers connective tissue, leading to sprains, strains, and torn ligaments and cartilage. So, because of this belief, a traditional approach has been to slow down training and spread progress out over years. Again, however, science gives us another answer which suits dedicated athletes more. The problem was not with "over training" per se, but with the lack of restorative nutrient factors, especially for the connective tissue. This is a breakthrough concept!

Recovery Nutrient is the first product of its kind available to the general public.

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