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Clinical Strength Vitamin D3 Boost (5,000 IU) in Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 60 Organic Soft Gels
Clinical Strength Vitamin D3 Boost (5,000 IU) in Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 60 Organic Soft Gels

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Propowers all-natural vitamin D3 nutritional supplement NOW in a small easy-to-swallow soft gel with 5,000IU of pure Vitamin D3 in a carrier oil of extra virgin olive oil. Research suggests that monounsaturated fats high in omega-9 oleic acid like extra virgin olive oil have multiple powerful health-protecting benefits and promote cardiovascular health.*

Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient that strengthens and protects the immune system, enhances calcium absorption to maintain bone health and strength, supports the nervous system, and promotes brain health. D3 Boost gel caps are the best, most convenient way to nourish your body with the vitamin D3 it needs to protect every aspect of your health and promote weight loss and fat burning without affecting blood sugar levels. Every batch is analyzed to verify purity and concentration levels, so every time you take your Propower Nutrition Vitamin D3, you can be sure your body gets what it needs. Our D3 Boost’s content is completely free of fillers, toxins, and allergens. It contains no yeast, wheat, soy, milk, salt, sugar, preservatives, or artificial colors. Made in the USA.

Eighty-five to ninety percent of us are deficient or severely deficient in vitamin D. If you are not working an outdoor job with significant sun or taking in significant amounts of dairy (which is not good for weight loss), then supplementation is a good idea. Those with darker skin are even more at risk for vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D is necessary for many functions in the body, and although it's called a vitamin, its action is more like a hormone. Among its many duties, vitamin D enhances muscle strength, supports teeth and bones, and it's great for the immune system. It helps produce the enzymes and proteins necessary for our bodies to function properly. In fact, every tissue in the body, including the brain, heart, muscles, and immune system has vitamin D receptors. There's no question that maintaining adequate vitamin D levels is essential for good health.

Recent studies continue to confirm vitamin D as a superstar nutrient, crucial for good health. Vitamin D not only regulates levels of calcium and phosphate in the bloodstream but also works together with calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin K2 to promote the mineralization and growth of bones. Vitamin D plays a massive role in the immune response, activating and arming the killer T-cells for defense against infections and bacteria. It modulates the expression of genes that regulate cell proliferation, suggesting a potential role in cancer incidence, and it reduces chronic systemic inflammation.

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