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Anaerobic Power - Special Offer
Anaerobic Power - Special Offer
Anaerobic Power - Special Offer

Retail Price: $59.90
Trainer Price: $29.90
Savings: $30.00

Quantity: (2) 90 Caplet Bottles


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Anaerobic Power is the only complete product that supplies the anaerobic energy pathway with a complete complement of anaerobic energy metabolites. The science is convincing during intense training, your energy soures-both ATP and creatine phosphate are depleted.

ATP is synthesized by inosine HXR and creatine monohydrate replenishes your stores of CP. Also, the breakdown of amino acids for energy causes toxic ammonia to build up in your blood. Glutamic acid with vitamin B6 interacts with the ammonia forming L-Glutamine. The ammonia is gone! Whats more, your body needs extra L-Glutamine to neutralize the catabolic effect of cortisol which is overly-abundant during intense training.

Imagine! Energy improvement, anti-catabolic effect and better mental focus all rapped up in one powerful performance nutriceutical!

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