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Colloidal Vitamin/Mineral Complete
Colloidal Mineral Power-Go
Colloidal Mineral Power

Retail Price: $19.95
Trainer Price: $14.95
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Quantity: (1) 16oz Bottle


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ProPower's Colloidal Mineral Power comes in a delicious, easy-to-swallow liquid medium. It contains over 90 essential nutrients that the body needs, including over 60 different major and trace minerals, 100% RDI of Vitamins, 500mg of Amino Acids and many Herbs, including Ginko Biloba Extract 60mg, OPC Grape Seed Extract 60mg and Una de Gato (Cat’s Claw) 600mg.

Minerals are necessary for 95% of your body’s daily functions. Your body can function, however poorly, without many nutrients. But without minerals you cannot survive. When you are lacking minerals, vitamins have reduced effectiveness. It’s best, of course, to ensure that BOTH are present all the time! That’s why ours does!

Because of the colloidal minerals microscopic size and being suspended in a liquid form, they are absorbed through the walls of the intestines and colon at a much greater rate than minerals in a tablet form. A colloidal mineral is the smallest size a mineral can exist in, and is the size the body requires before the individual cells can absorb and use minerals effectively.

This unique formation of colloidal minerals together with all the vital vitamins your body needs cannot be found at any health food store because of its higher quality standards.
Some of the benefits of a mineral rich diet include: increased energy levels, better assimilation and utilization of the foods we eat and the supplements we consume.

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